When attempting to recover from a purportedly incurable and terminal illness, you can often find yourself navigating a very unpredictable path. It is a constant process of discovery. Often times, things don’t make sense, and sometimes you discover that you have taken a wrong turn, and have to double back and try again.

In my work with Dr. Akin and the use of hair analysis, I am able to track the mineral levels in my body. With a nutrient rich diet, comprised mostly of raw organic fruit and vegetables, I would expect to be seeing fairly strong results in my reports. Yet for almost 2 years now, my numbers have been low for minerals that are abundant in the foods that I eat. My copper levels, for example, have been consistently low despite my consumption of an ample number of carrots on a regular basis. Inconsistencies such as this have been puzzling. Rather than consuming supplements to duplicate the intake of nutrients that my diet already supplies, Dr. Akin agreed that it made sense to investigate why my body is not absorbing what I am taking in.

To accomplish this, we ran a series of GI panels to explore what was going on with my digestion. Among the things we discovered was the existence of several pathogens that should have been eliminated by a detoxing agent (MMS) I had been using for over a year. Upon re-examination, I discovered a wrong turn in my path. I had been using the MMS at too low of a dosage. The bad news is that I wasted some time. The good news is that the possibility now exists for more impact from the MMS.

While Dr. Akin and I have been discovering the issues with my digestive system, my healer, Jose, discovered a huge quantity of dimethyl mercury laced throughout my body. He is very hopeful that we may see significant changes in my condition once the dimethyl mercury is gone. I am very hopeful that the MMS (in proper dosage) will help accelerate its departure.

It constantly amazes me how possibilities for healing keep showing up in my life, as long as I keep my intention focused on recovery. There always seems to be another step to take, another path to explore. Recovering from ALS, as always, continues to be an exciting adventure.